Hunter Oceanic’s eagerly anticipated project management module, Projects, has been successfully launched on its yacht maintenance platform, Seahub.

Projects is a multi task tool designed to assist engineers, captains and deck crew to manage vessel related projects such as yard periods, refits, construction, surveys and other large-scale operations. Seahub’s Projects utilises a systematic approach to initiating, controlling and ultimately closing out a Project to save you time and control costs.

All projects starts with an initiation phase, a process whereby the nature and scope of the project is identified. During this phase the objectives, tasks, schedules and costs are all analysed and shared between the project manager and their team. This is when we would typically see a project created and tasks begin to be added.

Projects allow users to create a project and begin to add tasks in advance that they wish to complete during that upcoming period. Beyond that, users can attach a price estimate for individual tasks and later edit the price with an actual cost which will auto generate a position of either under or over budget for the entire project.

“The collaboration between a project team is essential to achieving project goals and staying within budget. Seahub provides that platform to help you through every stage of a project until it is complete” – Director, Sam Wheaton

The main purpose of the planning stage of a project is to plan time, costs and resources adequately to estimate the work needed during project execution. Estimating resource and cost requirements for tasks, developing a schedule and budget are all necessary steps in ensuring a successful project. Seahub’s Projects uses a dynamic workflow with direct relationships between tasks, forecast costs, actual costs, resources and schedules.Visibility into these project elements is enhanced through our Project dashboard, which provides an overview of the project so you can view your position at any point in time.

The execution/implementation phase of a project ensures that the project management’s planned deliverables are executed accordingly. This phase involves proper allocation, co-ordination and management of resources and any other resources including supplies, material and budgets.

“The resource co-ordination of large scale yacht projects such as refits and yard periods, can be streamlined using the Seahub platform. Captains, Chief Engineers and Chief Officers can allocate tasks not only to their own crew but also to external contractors” – Director, Sam Wheaton

Important documents including quotes, invoices, contractor reports and images can be uploaded and accessed from any device or shared with anyone within the project team.

“Over the course of any Project, the work scope may change, and Seahub has allowed for these changes to take place. Change is normal, so we designed Seahub to adapt to your project requirements” – Director, Matthew Hyde

The final phase of a project is closing it out. Utilising Seahub’s Projects, all critical task information, documentation and deliverables are stored in your account, able to be accessed at any time, anywhere. Seahub Projects makes project management simple.

To learn more about Seahub’s Projects, contact us today at for access to our free online Demo or visit